Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is Demand?

The word ‘demand’ is used as a term in Economics. Common meaning of word ‘demand’ is ‘desire’ but there is a difference in ‘desire’ and ‘demand’ as a term in Economics. If any thing is desired only, it will not be called demand in Economics. The desire, to become a demand, should have the backing of purchasing power or money.

The desire to purchase any thing depends on the demanded price of the commodity. The higher is the price, lower will be the demand. On the contrary, the lower is the price lesser will be the demand. No one can decide about the quantity or amount of a commodity to purchase so long he does not know about the price of the same.

The price that a buyer wants to pay for a certain quantity of a commodity is called ‘Demand Price’. The term ‘Demand’ may be defined as “The human desire of a commodity is called Demand which has support of purchasing power.”

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